artist statement

Being a first-generation Cuban-American I use cultural color fields, as well as the aesthetics of street art to explore how one’s upbringing is directly influenced by ethnic heritage. By exploring the dualities between heritage and environment, the abstract weaves of my foundation layers builds an intense tactile landscape while creating three-dimensional spaces. My work explores how we are able to record and express our experiences through memories. Memories are like a captured impression, so when it’s time to paint I pull from its’ time while my mind fills in the gaps with recent happenings.

Throughout my years of art making, the clarity of my forms in connection with the dense, tactile layers of bleeding paint while controlled but also chaotic drippings create such rich actions and movement. I enjoy using watercolor paper as a surface allowing the levels of saturation to build a foundation.

I then had the idea to disassemble my paper works and to reassemble them. Combining pieces allowed me to make sense of the parts of memories linking them to forge an observed abstraction.